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Swim Like a Champ!
The Ultimate Swimming Video
Using the same teaching and drill progression taught at Multisports.com camps, this video is easy to understand. for both beginner and veteran swimmers


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Published Article Archives

Our staff are regular contributors to several magazines including Triathlete Magazine.

Here are some of the articles they have published

Training for a (sub) 40 minute 10km - by Roch Frey
A 40 min 10km, whether in a straight up 10km road race or at the end of an international distance triathlon is realistic for you with the proper training
Marathon Taper by Roch Frey
The Taper. The easiest, or the hardest part of training. A properly tailored taper can make or break your race.
Some of the True secrets of the top Pros in Triathlon By Roch Frey
Heather Fuhr and Peter Reid, both Ironman Champions, have been training with me over the past several years. three important aspectsof their training: Proper periodization, consistency and to some point the application of scientific training methods while still listening to there own senses
Ironman Hawaii Taper - By Roch Frey
to pursue of that great race after all the consistent and race specific training you need to taper off your workouts allowing you to rest and recover both physically and mentally
Training for Speed in Triathlon by Roch Frey
to get faster in your next triathlon, you need to understand that the basis behind faster swim bike and run times is to increase the speed and efficiency at which your muscles will contract -greater neuro-muscular facilitation
Heart Rate Training with a A heart rate monitor By Roch Frey
If used properly it will help you training more efficiently and smarter getting you up to or closer to the podium at your races. If it just gets used as a cool new toy to see how high you can get it on your hilly run or in comparison with your training partners heart rate then no, it will not benefit you at all and will eventually end up collecting dust in the drawer.
Triathlete Run Training Running For the Gravity Impaired By Paul Huddle and Roch
You have a good background in swimming and cycling you've been impressing your friends by leading or being near the front of every triathlon the cheers become jeers about how a PGA golfer could out-walk you in the last mile of the run
Hot Tubs and Whirlpools - Triathlete - Dear Coach Highlights
Hot tubs or whirlpools are not the best way to speed recovery after a long and hard training session - especially a run