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The Athletic-Minded Traveler  

The Athletic-Minded Traveler

Where to Work Out and Stay When Fitness is a Priority

Finally, fitness enthusiasts can travel in athletic style. Wave good-bye to closet-sized workout rooms, worn machines, short pools and congested running routes. With The Athletic-Minded Traveler, planning a vacation or business trip that is conducive to your healthy lifestyle is no sweat. Entertaining and easy to follow, this book recommends over 500 of the BEST hotels, health clubs and community centers in 78 of the country's most popular travel destinations.

The 435 page Athletic-Minded Traveler, co-written by Paul Huddle and Jim Kaese, is more than a fitness resource. It is the perfect travel companion and advisor for anyone in search of reliable accommodations and convenient fitness venues. With candid advice, detailed specs and helpful descriptions, travelers can find the right hotel, in the right location, with the right workout facilities.

The Athletic-Minded Traveler is available for online purchase at SoCal Publishing. Click here to visit their site in a new window and order the book

The Ultimate Swimming Video

Swim Video
  • Do your triathlons start when you get on the bike?
  • Do you feel like you swim like a rock?
  • Are the Lifeguards following YOU in open water swims?

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new Ultimate Swimming Video

It doesn't have to be like this. Do you want a simple demonstration that you can view in the privacy of your own home and that provides a clear understanding of the step-by-step progression toward the Ultimate swim stroke?

Using the same teaching and drill progression taught at camps, this 13-minute video is easy to understand and supplies both beginner and veteran swimmers with the essentials needed to master the ultimate way to swim.

Confused by other swim videos? Don't fret! Roch Frey takes you through easy to learn drills working on body position, lengthening, rolling, and his special "cheating catch-up" freestyle.

DVD or VHS tape

VHS available in NTSC (USA) format only.


Open Water Swimming: Skills Techniques and Racing Tips

DVD: Open Water Swimming: Skills Techniques and Racing Tips

Finally! An Instructional video on Open Water Swimming Technique. Open water swimming experts Michael Collins and Gerry Rodrigues present an entertaining and informative look at the details that go into swimming more successfully in open water. Items covered in the video include pool practice to build skills and confidence before heading to open water, pre open water swim preparation, entries and exit skills, navigation and sighting, turning bouys, racing strategies, and more.

by Michael Collins USAT Certified Coach

DVD- $29.95

Heather Furh Poster

Autographed Heather Fuhr Poster

18 inches x 24 inches, full color, glossy
Specify the personal message you want Heather to write on the poster in the comments box in the final step of the checkout. Up to 20 words long, and Heather has the final say if the inscription is acceptable (you know what we mean...).