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Paula Newby-Fraser

Paula Newby-Fraser

8-Time Ironman Triathlon World Champion
1990 Professional Sportswoman of the Year
One of Top 5 Pro Female Athletes of Last 25 Years
"Greatest All- Around Female Athlete in the World"

Paula Newby-Fraser
Paula Newby-Fraser

Paula Newby-Fraser is the only triathlete to transcend the sport. Certainly, she is the greatest triathlete of all time: Her 24 Ironman Championships are more than twice that won by triathlon legends Mark Allen & Erin Baker (8 each) and Dave Scott (7). Her 1988 Ironman finish (11th overall) has been called the "greatest performance in endurance sports his-tory". The Los Angeles Times, e-xtra and ABC's Wide World of Sports have acclaimed Paula "The Greatest All-Around Female Athlete in the World".

The Women's Sports Foundation named Paula it's 1990 " Professional Sportswoman of the Year", the most prestigious international award given to female athletes each year. The United States Sports Academy, CNN & USA Today! named Paula as one of top 5 professional women athletes of the last 25 years (1972-97).

The Top 5 Professional Female Athletes of the past 25 years (1972-97) as named by the United States Sports Academy from data collected from a CNN & USA Today! poll

  1. Martina Navratilova
  2. Steffi Graf
  3. Chris Evert
  4. Billie Jean King
  5. Paula Newby-Fraser

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