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Ironman Arizona Online Training Program

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Program Starts: Mon 01-Jun-2015
Race Date: Sun 15-Nov-2015

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Looking for a detailed training plan for Ironman Arizona? You just found it.

Ironman Arizona
Offical Training Program

Paul Huddle and Roch Frey, coach or have coached Ironman Champions like Heather Fuhr, Paula Newby-Fraser, Peter Reid, Chris Legh, Lori Bowden and Spencer Smith. In addition to these top pros, they've also coached age-group champions and hundreds of athletes who simply want to get to the finish line while remaining employed, married, and/or in one piece.

With the announcement of Ironman Arizona scheduled for Saturday, April 9th, 2005 came A LOT of requests for their popular 27-week specific Ironman preparation program. The program will start on October 25th, 2004 and takes each athlete through the 15-week acclimation, base, and pre-competitive phases that lead to the final 9-week Ironman specific training and taper that will maximize your potential on April 9th, 2005.

You'll follow a training schedule based on the same principles that have garnered over fifty overall Ironman victories worldwide (including over 10 in Hawaii). This program is a comprehensive, detailed, training schedule specifically geared towards the Arizona event.

Paul and Roch
Paul Huddle & Roch Frey

The coach's experience comes from racing the Ironman distance over 40- times as well as having coached all levels of triathletes to successful finishes. Their training programs have produced a 99% success rate for all members, from first time Ironman competitors to the elite.

The program includes a your week-to-week workouts, a book's worth of information regarding issues relevant to triathlon training and racing (heart rate parameters, nutrition, tapering, strength training, etc.) a detailed recovery plan for the 3-weeks after the race (27 weeks of detailed training in total), and unlimited access to the Ask the Coaches Forum. The forum is where you can address issues specific to your situation and read the questions and answers of others with similar issues. This forum is categorized, archived, and keyword searchable and currently has thousands of questions and answers.

Our goal is to not only ensure that you are successful on race day but that you properly recover after the race making sure you are ready for future races and training. Athletes will continue to have unlimited Q and A access for 5-weeks following the Ironman.


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Ironman Arizona Training Program

This is an online program. No training schedules will be mailed to you so no shipping charges apply. You will receive by mail schwag 6-weeks prior to race day.