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Ironman Preparation Program
Agreement / Waiver

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This is to confirm the terms and conditions of the athlete-coaching agreement between Multisports.com and You (athlete) for the duration of the Ironman Training Program.  

Multisports.com LLC will provide you with a detailed daily training schedule for duration of the program, designed to optimally prepare you to complete Ironman.

Multisports.com LLC will be available to answer training and / or racing related questions in a timely manner via an open interactive web-site forum.

I (the athlete) understand that this program is copyrighted and is exclusively for my own use. Furthermore, I will NOT reprint, distribute, sell, or otherwise share the material contained in this Ironman Training Program without permission from Multisports.com LLC.

Please understand that Multisports.com LLC makes no guarantees or warranties as to the effectiveness or success of its coaching and training program or advice provided as part of such programs.  Responsibility for training and racing, and success therein, rests with the athlete.  Injury while training is a common occurrence.  The coaches-trainers of Multisports.com LLC are not trained as medical or healthcare professionals.  You should consult a physician or health care professional prior to the start of this or any physical training program.

If, during a training session, you feel sick or dizzy or experience chest pains or abnormal discomfort of any sort, stop the training session.  If symptoms continue, consult your regular health care professional.  If you feel, at any time, that the training program provided is beyond your capabilities or you do not understand the training program, contact Multisports.com LLC before attempting any particular workout.

Recommended reading to increase your knowledge about triathlon and training include (but is not limited to):

I affirm that I am eighteen (18) years of age or older.  I have read the above letter and understand and agree to the terms, conditions and advise set forth herein. 

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