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Ironman Distance Training Program

by Roch Frey and Paul Huddle

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Based on the same training principles that have guided athletes like Paula Newby-Fraser, Peter Reid, and Heather Fuhr to over 44 international Ironman Triathlon victories, coaches Roch Frey and Paul Huddle have created a 9-week Ironman Distance Training Program (IDTP). This program now offers every triathlete the tools necessary to prepare for and successfully finish their first or tenth ironman distance event.

While many athletes believe an ironman distance event requires a minimum of a year for which to prepare, our coaching experience has proven that a moderately active triathlete can maximize performance and minimize injury / burnout with this 9-week program. That's right!! You don't need to lose your job and get divorced in order to successfully meet the ironman challenge!

The IDTP is designed for the athlete who has some triathlon experience and maintains a reasonable level of fitness. We believe that such an athlete can optimally prepare themselves in 8-9 weeks without the risk of injury or over-training so common to this distance. There are two versions of the IDTP available that are dependant on the athlete's time available to train:

  1. 14-20 hours available per week or
  2. 20 plus hours available per week

In addition to the nuts and bolts of your training program, the IDTP offers each athlete the choice to consult directly with Roch and/or Paul through an open interactive web-site forum where issues specific to each individual can be addressed.

The program includes:


Printed Program only - $59.95
Program with Q&A access- $99.95